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Real estate is an evolutionary type of business in which there is always change, growth and learning for both the client and agent.  As a result this website is constantly being revised. I continually share with my viewership new laws, vendors, websites and telephone numbers that will be of service to my clients both buyers and sellers. My teaching background has a stong influence on my real estate career in that I feel it is my primary obligation to educate my clients to the involved process of either buying and/or selling their home.
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My vendor list is made up of all kinds of home services I collected these names from my extended network of clients, neighbors, associates and friends.  I try to cover the large gambit of everything having to do with home ownership. Use this list as a starting point for researching remodeling, redecorating or fixing up. However; I strongly recommend that you do your due dilligence because I have no control nor input that influence their personnel decisions, their pricing or their quality control. I get no compensation to put their names on my list I do it only to enhance  services that I provide.
My web link list is divided into categories Community web sites, fun and interesting sites, 55plus community links, charities and charitable social event links.  I try to  update these sites as new information comes my way so add my site to your favorites and check back on a regular basis.
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