Diana Curtis



My 8th grade journal career aspirations listed my goals as becoming a teacher and a realtor. I'm not sure if I even knew a realtor in the 70's but somehow a seed was planted.

Education: BA in English LIterature'minor in Secondary Ed.,concentration in Marketing from SPC..  MA in Communication & Technology in Education from NYU.

My work background is a collage of business, education and communication.  I taught high school, I fundraised and event coordinated as Assistant Executive of Alumni Relations for my alma mater. I went off on my own as an event coordinator doing corporate affairs and weddings as owner of Details by Diana Inc.

A city girl who has an appreciation for the "burbs" I believe we have a lot to be proud of living in New Jersey besides its proximity to New York. We have mountains, lakes,oceans, museums,theatres, shops, recreation facilities, sport arenas, universities, health facilities and some wonderful communites. I am active in community and PTO events. Currently. I am heading up a  cell phone recycle program that will benefit both St.Jude's Research Hospital and Katrina victims. (If you have any old cell phones please contact me).

Real Estate- Completed the mandatory 75 hour certification progam from the state of NJ. to become an agent. A certified power agent from Daryl Davis Seminar (more learning within the industry). There are several mastery programs that the National Association of Realtors offer .The E-pro program is a mastery of using technolgy for every aspect of real estate (Marketing & Communicationg) if you are reading this from your computer screen you already understand.  I recieved my e-PRO designation on 2-14-06!

I have worked as a realtor for 8 years before joining Keller Williams. I am thrilled at joining KW. It is a company that respects its agents and their clients and that translates well in all aspects of its transactions. The company's mission statement is based on a high standard of ethics and consideration for others which correlates with my own personal standards.