Diana Curtis



Jane Furey

To whom it may concern: This letter is in support of the real estate services given to me by Diana Curtis. When we made a decision to move Diana was amazing. She put in many extra hours exploring every neighborhood. She was totally prepared with facts, comparisons, schools, utilities, zoning, etc. We were able to make a well informed decision when we were ready to bid on our current property. During the inspection process we hit a snag with a septic system. Diana was there helping us deal with something unfamiliar to us. She set up meetings with the current owners and the professional septic technicians. Diana was on top of the whole situation and everything worked out to our satisfaction. Diana was also our listing agent. She noticed details in our home that needed to be rectified before coming on the market. We were so glad that she was so observant: she saved us a lot of money. Our home was photographed inside and out and advertised on the internet. Diana was able to bring potential buyers to our door. Thanks to Diana's insight and professional attitude, we were able to receive a qualified bid within two weeks. Everything went particularly smoothly through closing. I would recommend Diana Curtis for friendly, efficient, professional real- estate service in a heart beat. Sincerely, Jane Furey.

Debra Marshall

I am so thrilled that I used Diana Curtis for my last move and would never use anyone else should another occassion arise. I eagerly refer Diana to friends and colleagues. I was all over the place talking condo, townhouse, single family Essex, Union, Morris county- I was so frazzled and rattled by the moving process and Diana sensed my lack of focus. She quietly and expertly took me to dinner and talked to me about what I liked and didn't like in the places that I lived in. After that Friday night dinner, she went back to the office and logged into the MLS and later that weekend together we viewed a number of different options. Each place we looked at provided with specifics about what would be best for me and my situation. In addition, in every town she was completly familiar with the school system, transit, shopping centers, tax and community information and everything else you would expect from a real estate professional. It wasn't long before Diana found me the most perfect house in a wonderful town where I 've been living for six years. Diana is not a smooth -talking sales person. She is very smart, intuitive, diligent, focused real estate professional who works hard to make sure that what you want is provided. The client always comes first with her. She asks questions you haven't even thought of yet, negotiates so you needn't, follows up the way you would expect and works with you to find the welcoming home that you desire.

Catalina Ramos


Patrick sent me one of your brochures for 30 Long Hill Lane House. Wow!!! I could hardly believe it was the same house.  Your research regarding location, desireability and what the "experts" say pointing out to the proximity to other important locations and commuting, the excellent photographs and their presentations showing the best of the interior and exterior areas of the house....

I have never experienced such elegant real estate marketing so elegant and professional on a pre-existing  construction. Usually, the only ones that bother do a complete real estate marketing package are developers who build entire communities. Even they do not include every single benefit ( location, access,and commute) like you have. I am so impressed!!!!



Marilyn Trockel

Diana,      Thank you so much for your professionalism and dedication in selling our house; you remained focused and steady throughout the entire process and we greatly appreciate your above and beyond attitude and energy.   Marilyn

Dale Milsark

We have been offering apartments for rent for over thirty years without the aid of real estate folks. But age and health made professional help essential. Diana was recommended to us by a trusted friend and after she rented the apartment for us he remains a trusted friend and we have acquired a new trusted friend, Diana. It was a learning for us each time we got together. You think after all these years (I rented out my first home in Pensacola, Fla. sixty years ago) that I knew it all. Not so. Diana set the standard for us and we will always avail ourselves of her help in the future. Dale Milsark

Angelo Abbondanolo

 To all who are interested in purchasing or renting a home I would recommend Diana Curtis. Diana and I were looking for a home for about a year and a half. She is the only realator I know that will " talk you out of a purchase". Yes folks I did say that. She listens to want your needs are and gives an honest and professional opinion. Translation : she gets to know you. Most realtors want the money and move on to the the next one. Not her.  Angelo Abbondanolo

Joan Mruk

 Diana does everything with the best interest of those she is working with. Her passion shows in her work through diligence and a quality result.  Joan Mruk

Carol Murray

Hi Diana, I give thanks for you this week. I am grateful for your kindness and patience with my mother throughout the search process. You acted professionally while making us feel you personally cared. We greatly appreciated it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! Carol